Rollable display improves Hisense Laser TV out of sight, literally

Hisense Laser TV rollable screen CES 2024

CES 2024 for Hisense was massive, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. For starters, the affordable home appliance maker unveiled both a 110-inch Mini LED TV and a projector capable of producing a 300-inch image. But the most exciting thing was its emerging screen technology aimed at making it easier to fit a Hisense Laser TV into your home.

Hisense makes great, well-priced TVs – a fact well-established by now. Its recent focus on Mini LED technology is great for Australian living rooms, particularly those contending with natural light from outside. This year’s TVs take the technology even further. They’re bigger, brighter, and smarter than ever.

One of the stars of the show was the Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector. Supporting up to a massive projection size of 300 inches, it completely redefines the home cinema experience. On the more compact end of the scale, Hisense will soon have a slimmed-down short-throw Laser TV with a substantially smaller footprint. Still capable of projecting a large picture, it’s a natural evolution that will fit into more homes.

To top things off, the Hisense ConnectLife smart home ecosystem is expanding to streamline even more of your appliances. Not only can you control devices remotely, but you’ll be able to save a recipe from your TV while watching a cooking show, helping you get inspired in the kitchen.

Rollable screen a clever Hisense Laser TV upgrade

Projectors and Laser TVs are an excellent, cost-effective way to enjoy your favourite movies and video games. But what if you don’t have a blank wall available to project onto? Hisense has a clever solution waiting in the wings: the Rollable Laser TV.

Some of the brand’s Laser TV devices come with an ambient light-rejecting screen you can install at home. It’s an easy way to get the best possible image quality from your projector. However, it relies on you having dedicated wall space, which doesn’t suit all living situations.

Hisense rolling screen laser tv
Image: Hisense.

The Rollable Laser TV solves this dilemma. Housed within a slim TV cabinet-like body, the screen extends out, ready for short-throw projection. When not in use, the screen then retracts, getting completely out of the way of anything behind it.

While there’s no official word on when we’ll see this technology available publicly, the Rollable Laser TV looks to be a smart and clever solution to space-limited living rooms. We’ve seen rollable display technology before, across the likes of laptops and phones, but this is one of the best use cases yet.

You can check out more of Hisense’s impressive CES 2024 showing on GadgetGuy’s YouTube channel. There’s a lot to look forward to this year, in the living room and beyond.

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Valens Quinn attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas with the support of Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, and Roborock.