Huge 300-inch Hisense C1 projector confirmed for Australia

Hisense C1 Projector CES 2024
Image: supplied.

If you’ve ever wanted a projector capable of producing a 300-inch image, you’re in luck. Hisense has announced the C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector at CES 2024, bringing its huge picture down under.

Seen last year at IFA, the impressive projector is now confirmed for an Australian release. Due out in the next few months, the Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector adds to the brand’s extensive range of home entertainment tech.

It’s accompanied by several other projector models, including the existing Laser TV and Laser Cinema devices designed for short-throw projection.

Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector

Hisense’s newest projector fits a category the company refers to as “Premium Laser Long Throw Projection”. Built on the brand’s existing TriChroma Laser technology, the C1 can project an image anywhere between 65 and 300 inches in size at 4K resolution.

Made to work as either a standalone device or with your existing home theatre, the Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser includes an audio collaboration with JBL. The result is a one-litre sound chamber that supports Dolby Atmos to help produce a full sound.

It won’t take much effort to move around the house, either. Weighing less than 5kg, the projector casts a big picture without an exceedingly bulky chassis. To help streamline setting up, the Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser uses a feature called AutoMagic AI. This automatically focuses, aligns, and sets the keystone according to the available space.

One caveat is that you’ll need to manually tweak the settings when projecting at more than 150 inches. The saving grace here is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble checking focus on an image nearing 300 inches in size.

Hisense revealed that the C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector will be out in Q2 2024. We’ll know more about pricing and the rest of Hisense’s Australian home entertainment range by March. For now, the existing Laser projectors are already available, ranging between $3,299 and $7,499 in price.

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