Check out LG’s incredible transparent OLED TV up close

LG Signature OLED T transparent TV
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If there’s one thing that 2024 has shown us already, it’s that the transparent TV is one of the next big jumps in home entertainment technology.

After seeing the LG Signature OLED T up close at CES 2024, see-through displays are undoubtedly the future. Wireless TV technology is also a big trend starting to filter down into more living rooms, which we’ll see more of when LG’s 2024 OLED range arrives in the coming months.

But there’s something about a transparent TV that fundamentally changes how you think about your living space. No longer confined to a back wall, these TVs could sit in front of a window or even see the return of the 70s-style conversation pits, with the TV taking place as a head-turning centrepiece.

Of course, LG has far more in mind than just the living room. Like many major appliance brands, it also has an eye on AI and concept smart devices that reimagine the modern home.

LG’s transparent TV

Arguably the brand’s big-ticket item at CES 2024, the Signature OLED T saw plenty of foot traffic during the mega tech event. More production-ready than previous concepts, the current iteration of the transparent TV is now 4K, producing a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

In use, the OLED T has two modes: an ambient translucent mode, and a more traditional TV format. When set to be translucent, you can cycle through various artworks or even a smart display that shows information like the weather at a glance. You can see through to the other side while the display is active, or choose not to run any imagery at all.

By pressing a button, the transparent TV rolls up an internal screen, converting to a more traditional viewing experience. When you want to watch a movie or play a game that benefits from strong contrast levels, you can still enjoy LG’s famously strong OLED performance.

LG Signature OLED T smart display

Like the upcoming M4 OLED TV, the Signature OLED T employs wireless technology. Logically, it makes perfect sense. Why have a transparent TV and then clutter it with cables cascading down the rear for all to see? It also lends itself to sitting anywhere in your house. With various options like wall-mounting or a modular bookshelf-like stand, it’s a display that encourages versatility, regardless of whether you have a small or large living space.

Rethinking the smart home

Beyond the living room, LG also showcased a lot of technology aimed at smart living for homes and travel. Its stylish CineBeam Qube 4K projector quickly transforms any area into a home cinema, while the sci-fi-inspired Duobo coffee machine makes experimenting with two blends simultaneously a possibility.

There’s also an AI robot smart home assistant in the works. Taking the form of a small bipedal robot on wheels, it helps maintain your home, controlling other appliances at your request. Plus, it has face and speech recognition, allowing you to manage smart appliances without touching a thing.

LG Labs Bon Voyage CES 2024
LG’s Bon Voyage brings smart home technology to camping. Image: supplied.

For travelling, the LG Bon Voyage smart camping trailer takes glamping to a whole new level. It comes with refrigeration, induction stovetops, and Styler clothing + shoe cleaning technology, letting you take all your creature comforts with you. Although LG isn’t making cars as such, it’s also working on various concept infotainment displays designed for EVs. In practice, it’s aimed at increasing road visibility while enabling more entertainment options for when you need to wait while charging.

Much of this technology is still in the concept stage, although some of it’s close to being commercially ready. You can check out a glimpse of the exciting future tech on the horizon via the GadgetGuy YouTube channel.

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