Yes, that transparent LG TV at CES 2024 is real, and it’s amazing

LG Signature OLED T CES 2024
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Yes, that see-through TV that’s all over the internet is real. It’s the LG Signature OLED T, it’s at CES 2024, and it’s spectacular.

Solving the problem of just having a big black mirror hanging in your living room has been a big challenge for TV companies. Samsung and LG both have lifestyle TVs that look like art when they’re not showing you the latest reality TV drama on Netflix. But LG has just gone a step further and invented a transparent TV that basically disappears in your living room when it’s not on.

The LG Signature OLED T is designed to blend into a room by being basically invisible when it’s off, making it easier to place in more places than people could have placed their TVs previously. Now you can put the TV in front of a window, or in the middle of the room, without worrying about blocking the view when you’re not watching.

The LG Signature OLED T is also wireless

Further cementing the illusion of being invisible is the lack of wires going into the transparent screen. Like the M4 OLED TV, the LG Signature OLED T relies on the Zero Connect Box, which uses LG’s cutting-edge wireless transmission technology to get the 4K images and audio to the OLED T. That makes it even easier to place the TV where you want it, rather than just where the socket is. The Zero Connect Box is powered by the new α11 (Alpha) AI processor, which was announced earlier in the week.

LG OLED T transparent CES 2024
Part TV, part art installation, this TV is all style. Image: supplied.

To support users to place the TV wherever they would like, there are three different kinds of stands and mounts: wall mount, against-the-wall, and stand-alone. To add to the illusion, people can add floating or standing shelves to utilise the space.

The OLED T can be viewed in both transparent and opaque mode. Transparent mode is for displaying digital artwork, videos and photos using the always-on display, much like The Frame or other lifestyle TVs. Then, when you want to watch a movie, you can press a button to up the contrast and watch it like a traditional screen.

CES attendees have had only good things to say about the OLED T, commenting that it seems like the biggest evolution in television design in years.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet, but it’s a safe bet that it will be very, very, very expensive.

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Valens Quinn attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas with the support of Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, and Roborock.