2024 LG OLED TV range is cheaper than last year’s models

LG B4 OLED TV launch Australia
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LG has officially launched its 2024 TV range in Australia, revealing that many of this year’s models are cheaper than their predecessors. Given that this includes the successors to some of the current best TVs, it’s very welcome news.

Taking over Allianz Stadium in Sydney to celebrate 25 years of the company’s “Life’s Good” slogan, LG launched its home entertainment range in style. It was an occasion for milestones, with LG also celebrating 11 years of OLED TVs and 10 years of its WebOS platform.

On show at the event were most of the TVs LG is launching this year, as first revealed at CES 2024, ranging from the cute and compact to the dreamily enormous. Among the standard designs on display, there was also plenty of delightfully weird for good measure.

But, while the quirky TV-in-a-briefcase and a gorgeous almost-$100,000 fully wireless TV were highlights, the bigger news came in surprisingly affordable packages.

The most exciting thing is that LG’s B series of entry-level OLED TVs will cost roughly 20% less than last year’s models. For example, last year’s 65-inch B3 OLED TV sold for $4,099. This year, the 65-inch B4 OLED is $3,299.

Across the board, the 2024 LG TV range costs either the same or less than last year’s models. Some TVs are up to $1,000 cheaper when compared to their predecessors. Price-easing used to be expected for TVs, but it’s been rarer in recent years thanks to inflation, record corporate profits, the sinking Australian dollar, and the general state of the world.

LG TVs now get annual software upgrades

In even bigger news, LG is promising up to five years of major WebOS updates across its TVs. As far as major TV brands are concerned, it’s an unheard-of move. It addresses a common pain point, where you’re stuck with an operating system long after a company has improved it for next year’s TV. WebOS 24, the latest version, also comes with the nice addition of Chromecast.

TV makers have often said that it’s due to limitations in older processors, despite also touting the power of those processors at launch. Given TVs are connected devices now, having those extra security and UI updates will be a relief for many.

LG QNED91 2024 TV
New LG TVs will come with up to five years of major OS upgrades. Image: supplied.

Adding to the pleasant surprise is that these updates will also come to 2022 and 2023 LG TVs. Models from 2022, like the C2, will receive updates until 2026, and 2023 TVs like the C3 will be supported until 2027. All for free. So, if you bought your LG TV last year and like the look of the new home screen, you’re in luck. If you do not like the look of the new home screen, then you’re in the opposite kind of luck.

Another interesting morsel of information LG shared was that the company predicts that 75-inch screens will account for 40% of its TV revenue in 2024. This tidbit doesn’t tell us a whole lot, because 75-inch screens are more expensive. Plus, there’s far too much maths involved to work out what percentage of sales that equates to. But it does say a lot about how TV sizes in Australia have shifted over recent years.

2024 LG TV range release date and price

Each new LG TV is coming to Australian stores over the next few months. Many of the OLED and QNED models are only a matter of weeks away.

You can see the announced price details below, including a comparison with last year’s models where possible. In the meantime, you can check out full details, including specifications, on LG’s website.

equivalent price
In-store release date
OLED evo G4OLED83G4$9,999$10,999March
OLED evo C4OLED83C4$7,999$8,999April
OLED B4OLED65B4$3,299$4,099March
QNED9186QNED91$5,499 April
 75QNED91$3,999 March
 65QNED91$2,999 March
QNED8998QNED89$8,999 May
 55QNED86$1,799 March
 50QNED81$1,299 March
 43QNED81$1,099 March
UT8086UT80$2,899 March
 75UT80$1,899 March
 65UT80$1,499 March
 55UT80$1,199 March
 50UT80$999 March
 43UT80$899 March
LG OLED Flex42LX3Q$4,999$4,999Available now
LG StanbyME27ART10AKPL$1,999$1,999Available now
LG StanbyME GO27LX5QKNATBA September

As a sweetener for early adopters, you can get a gift card valued at up to $300 when buying an eligible LG TV model before 3 April 2024.

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Alice Clarke travelled to Sydney as a guest of LG Australia.