This quirky briefcase TV looks like it’s straight out of a spy film

LG StanByME Go

Have you ever wondered if you could have a briefcase and a TV in one nifty package? Well, wonder no more, because LG recently revealed the StanByME Go, a 27-inch display that’s built into a case that looks straight out of Get Smart.

It’s an evolution of the previous StanByME shown at CES earlier in the year, which took the form of a display housed on a stand with wheels you could move around the house. With the StanByME Go, you can take the screen wherever you, well, go.

Quirky yet charming, LG’s latest take on the portable TV houses its own built-in battery in addition to a 20W four-channel speaker system. LG claims that its US$999 display is meant for gaming, movie-watching, and anything else you can think of. To enable this, the StanByME Go runs on proprietary WebOS software, capable of receiving content from both iOS and Android devices.

As seen in the official trailer, the spy gadget-esque screen supports multiple different configurations. When you pop the lid open, you can let the screen lay flat at the bottom of the case like a giant tablet, or align the display horizontally or vertically, with its attached arm supporting different heights and angles. When not in use, you can close the case and stow it away as if it were a small piece of luggage.

As reported by The Verge, the LG StanByME Go has a 1080p resolution and a fairly slight three-hour battery life. It also apparently weighs close to 14kg, so it might not be quite as portable as it looks. Much of the promotional material for the gadget revolves around holidaying and having a portable screen while camping. However, it’s something that might be better suited to corporates travelling frequently for work, or even competitive esports players wanting to practise in between competitions.

LG hasn’t confirmed any Australian details for its TV-in-a-briefcase yet. It’s launching overseas in the US now followed by various European countries in the coming months. The past few weeks have been busy for LG leading into IFA 2023, with the company also demoing a massive washer-dryer combo, a new range of energy-efficient appliances, and various accessibility initiatives.

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