Reasonably priced LG S70TY soundbar stands out in 2024 range

LG S70TY soundbar 2024 launch australia
LG S70TY soundbar with QNED86. Image: supplied.

LG may be known for its high-quality display technology, including some of the best TVs going around, but its soundbars also took some of the limelight at its recent 2024 home entertainment launch. Of the latest models, the LG S70TY arguably stands out as the best-value option for its versatility.

After an initial tease late last year, LG lifted the lid on its latest soundbar range in Australia, introducing five models coming in 2024. Headlining the fresh audio gear is the LG S95TR model, a 15-channel soundbar with 810W of power. It’s an upgraded version of the existing S95QR, including five up-firing channels instead of three.

In line with the price drops across many of the brand’s new TVs, the S95TR soundbar costs $1,699, which is $300 less than the S95QR at full price.

Made to pair with LG’s high-end G4 OLED TVs, the SG10TY soundbar adopts the company’s “One Wall Design” approach. In layman’s terms, it refers to a flush wall-mounted design that eliminates cable clutter and visible gaps between the TV plus soundbar and the wall.

LG SG10Y soundbar 2024 australia launch
LG’s SG10TY is designed to sit neatly against a wall, freeing up more room. Image: supplied.

This model still fetches a $1,499 price tag, although it’s only a 3.1-channel unit with 420W of power. What you’re paying for here is the slim 3.8cm design versus raw audio output.

LG S70TY is arguably the value pick of the 2024 soundbars

Sitting in the middle of the new soundbars is the LG S70TY. It’s a 3.1.1-channel device with 400W of power, making it capable, but not necessarily proficient, at producing Dolby Atmos audio.

It also supports LG’s WOW Orchestra feature, allowing the soundbar to pair with the TV speakers. Normally, a TV’s speakers remain muted when using any old soundbar, but the idea is to use the built-in speakers as a dialogue channel to enhance clarity, while the more powerful external units drive depth and bass.

LG S70TY soundbar and subwoofer
Consisting of a soundbar and subwoofer, the LG S70TY includes some nice mid-range features. Image: supplied.

At $699, the LG S70TY is a mid-range soundbar, but dipping your toe into Dolby Atmos content isn’t the only reason to consider the sub-$1,000 unit. It also supports 120Hz variable refresh rate gaming passthrough via HDMI. In other words, you can plug an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 into the soundbar, connect the soundbar to a TV’s eARC HDMI port, and still have plenty of ports for other input devices.

Most of LG’s TVs include four HDMI 2.1 ports, which might make this a moot point for those buying a top-of-the-line OLED – you may as well splash out for the most powerful sound system, after all. However, for those shopping on a budget, the S70TY makes sense. Plenty of affordable TVs, like the Hisense U7KAU, include decent gaming features, but only two HDMI 2.1 ports, making audio passthrough a valuable feature.

Entry-level soundbars to keep the budget in check

After the LG S70TY, the S60T and S40T soundbars round out the rest of the brand’s 2024 range. The S60T is a 3.1-channel speaker system with 340W of power, while the S40T is an entry-level 2.1-channel soundbar with 300W of power. Both don’t have any up-firing channels, so you miss out on Dolby Atmos audio but save money in the process. Also, the S40T doesn’t support LG’s WOW Interface, meaning it’s not as tightly integrated with the brand’s TVs as other models.

LG 2024 soundbar release date and price details

Each new LG soundbar is due to arrive in Australian stores by the end of March. Here’s how much each one costs, with more details on LG’s official website:

  • LG S95TR: $1,699
  • LG SG10TY: $1,499
  • LG S70TY: $699
  • LG S60T: $499
  • LG S40T: $349

Alongside the new soundbars, LG will also keep selling existing models like the 3.1.3-channel SC9S and 5.1-channel SH7Q in 2024. At the premium end, the S95TR pushes Dolby Atmos audio further with more up-firing channels, while the SG10TY caters to the aesthetic-centric crowd.

On paper at least, the LG S70TY probably makes the most sense to your average buyer. Its reasonable price point and HDMI passthrough look to result in an attractive mid-range option.

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