Flashy Nanoleaf Skylight bathes your home in gamer glow

Nanoleaf Skylight CES 2024
Image: supplied.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that both Millennials and Gen Z are afraid of overhead lighting. It’s bright, unflattering, and generally a bad idea. But not all homes are big enough for 1,000 lamps on every surface. That’s where the new Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light Panels are supposed to come into play.

For those who live in an apartment, and can’t just cut out a skylight without having an awkward conversation with an upstairs neighbour, the Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light Panels are designed to give you the impression of having a view of the sky. That view of the sky can be almost any colour you want (with 16M+ options, apparently), so the word “sky” is being used loosely here. But with the Skylight going up to 1400 lumens of brightness per panel, you’ll have the option of making the room evenly bright in a variety of colours, or turning the brightness down to set a mood.

Nanoleaf Skylight smart home connectivity

The Skylights will also be compatible with all of Nanoleaf’s usual smart features, including the Rhythm Music Visualiser, Schedules, Magic Scenes, RGBW colour options, and others. Each square is quoted as having a 25,000-hour lifespan (or about 2.85 years of constant use).

Like the rest of the Nanoleaf range, users can set the Skylight to gently wake them up with the colours of a sunrise, or turn on at 5 pm to simulate that someone’s home for security purposes. There are also scenes like “Gentle Rain”, “Sun Shower” and others more akin to a rave, so you can find a scene setting to suit every mood.

Only one square needs to be hardwired, and then you can connect up to 100 additional squares to cover your whole ceiling, if the mood strikes you.

Getting a smart skylight isn’t cheap, though, with the 3-pack Smarter Kit retailing for $469.99, and Expansion Packs (which only include one square) going for $139.99. Pre-orders are open now, with availability expected in February.

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