Hisense ConnectLife set to automate cooking, comes to TVs

Hisense ConnectLife CES 2024
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CES 2024 continued the global tech event’s theme of greater device connectivity, with Hisense set to launch more smart appliances in Australia via its ConnectLife ecosystem.

ConnectLife refers to the smart home platform Hisense uses. Based on an app you can access on your smartphone, it lets you control connected appliances at any time. Plus, it lets you monitor water and energy usage, which is helpful for knowing what contributes the most to your bills.

In addition to Hisense TVs, more fridges, dishwashers and laundry appliances will take advantage of the ConnectLife platform. It’s a centralised smart home concept the brand made major inroads towards in 2023.

Hisense TVs get ConnectLife

The company’s 2024 TV range will support ConnectLife connectivity via the VIDAA operating system, a first for Australian Hisense TVs. In the not-too-distant future, expect to access smart home controls via your TV in addition to your smartphone.

Although Hisense hasn’t detailed the specifics of its 2024 home appliance range, the brand indicated that more models will benefit from ConnectLife compatibility. More details are expected towards the middle of the year, including “enhanced” fridges, dishwashers, and laundry appliances.

Hisense ConnectLife kitchen CES 2024
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For an example of how the smart home ecosystem works in practice, last year’s washing machine sends you smartphone alerts when finishing a load. Other than helping chronically forgetful people get laundry done, you can also adjust settings while out and about.

The overall ConnectLife experience is also set for improvements, including better water and energy management tools. It’s not yet known what exactly this entails, so stay tuned. Hisense also claims that ConnectLife will benefit from a more streamlined user experience, making it simpler and easier to use.

You can also expect future Hisense devices to employ Matter, the platform-agnostic smart home protocol designed to work with tech from other brands.

Automate your cooking

Exclusively at CES 2024, Hisense demoed the ProChef@Home experience. Currently in the conceptual stage, it’s a software platform that lets you take cooking content on TV to connected smart appliances, streamlining meal prep.

Like various smart home brands, Hisense also looked to a future of an AI-assisted home kitchen. Reminiscent of the Samsung Food platform shown at IFA 2023, you’ll be able to tweak recipes based on dietary needs or cuisine preferences and order missing ingredients as needed.

This vision also sees the possibility of receiving TV notifications when it’s time to check your cooking. As explained by Gideon Lui, Hisense ANZ’s Head of Marketing, it’s a holistic approach that views appliances as part of one well-oiled machine.

“We see a future for Hisense customers experiencing the very best in connected devices where each product becomes more than the sum of its parts and truly delivers an intuitive, convenient and unified experience,” Lui said. “We look forward to delivering a true connected home experience, designed to enhance the lives of our customers and positively impact the environment around them.”

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Valens Quinn attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas with the support of Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, and Roborock.