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LG Velvet 5G 2020 – smooth as!
4.9Overall Score
Name: LG Velvet 50 2020
Price (RRP): $899
Manufacturer: LG

LG makes great phones – as good as any premium maker. Yet they don’t sell heaps. The new LG Velvet 5G 2020 is going to change that. Or it should.

The LG Velvet 5G 2020is one of the new breed of Qualcomm SD765G 5G phones just like the excellent OPPO Find X2 Neo and Light (review here 4.8/5) or the Motorola Edge (review here 4.5/5). It is the perfect system-on-a-chip enabling mid-range premium handsets to break the $1000 barrier.

Over 100 brands/models are hopping on the SD765G bandwagon – this is a hotly contested segment.

Right now the LG Velvet 5G 2020 blitzes the price bracket at $899, so we set out to find out how it could make an OLED, Qi charge, IP68/MIL-STD, 3.5mm jack, handset that is the one to beat.

Mandatory warning – dodgy online sellers

We have named and shamed the main grey market opportunists here.

You will not get Australia warranty; Australian over-the-air OS and firmware updates; and you cannot make a 000 call without a sim. In fact, as these often do not support LTE Band 28 used by Telstra and Optus, most of the time all you will get is 3G.

Australian Review: LG Velvet 5G 2020, Single Sim, 6/128GB, Model LM-G900EM.AAUSAY

Our reviews use FAIL, PASS and EXCEED against more than 70 test paradigms. These paradigms vary by the class of phone, price bracket etc. So, PASS means it meets what we expect of any phone at that price or level. We also call out any marketing hype, so you get an accurate view of a device.

  • Australian Website here
  • Price: $899
  • From: JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys. Telco plan – TBA
  • Elevator pitch: LGs very strong attempt to play in the cut-throat mid-range premium 5G handset arena
  • Warranty: 2-years ACL on phone and battery – must be the genuine Australian model
  • Country of manufacture: Vietnam
  • Company info: LG 9Est 1947) is a South Korean company making electronics, displays, household appliances, chemicals and telecommunications.

 First impression – Wow! EXCEED

Just like velvet, it is a slippery little bugger! I repeat it is so slippery it slid off the Qi charger pad and nearly out of my hands. Just like velvet on silk sheets! So whatever you do, get a case.

BTW – that it is a compliment. The Aurora White glass back with the highly polished alloy frame and curved edge P-OLED screen look terrific. It’s a shame to cover it with a case!

Other than that its nearly all screen with a teardrop centre notch. Classy.

LG Velvet 5G 2020 is a brand within a brand – a more expressive name that crosses boundaries. Far nicer than its previous numeric series – VXX or GX ThinQ!

But if there is one message that I want to reinforce it is this – and we will start with an example.

When you walk into a typical phone store, the first question is, “Are you an Apple user”. If yes, you go down that rabbit hole. If no, they ask why not.

But if you insist no, they will invariably show you a Samsung – after all, it is the worlds largest smartphone maker. You often have to ask, nay plead, to see an LG or another brand.

We are not suggesting anything other than Samsung is an easier sell. You owe it yourself to read our LG, OPPO, Motorola and other 5G reviews and insist that you see the device at the store.