OPPO R11s Plus size me please (review)
4.6Overall Score

Price (RRP): $679
Manufacturer: OPPO

OPPO R11s Plus is the big brother to its popular R11s. Big in that it takes the AMOLED screen size to 6.42 inches and throws in a 4,000mAh battery and 2GB more memory.

OPPO is a ‘Chinese Tiger’ developing class-leading models and aggressively going after market-share. Over the past few years, OPPO has grown to be one of the largest Australian smartphone suppliers (by volume) and invested heavily in Australian infrastructure, warehousing and service. It is a safe brand with great reliability and, should you need it excellent after sales support.

The 6.43-inch, 18:9, R11s Plus adds about 10mm to the height and 5mm to the width of the 6.01-inch R11s. JB Hi-Fi is selling the later in fire engine red or black for $559. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 80% meaning it has very small bezels.

The larger R11s Plus comes in Black or Champagne is $679 and shares that excellent camera and 99% of the internals. It ups the screen-to-body ratio an amazing 85.95%. Few makers can come anywhere near this level of design and manufacturing specification.

But the real the reason you buy either model is its amazing camera. Both have earned a reputation as having the best camera by far for any mid-range phone.

Review: OPPO R11s Plus Model CPH1721

(Australian website )

In the box – it is a very ‘professional’ package

  • R11 s Plus
  • OPPO VOOC 5V/4A fast charger and ‘green’ USB-A to micro-USB cable
  • Quality earbuds and mic
  • Clear polycarbonate bumper case
  • Manual etc

Having reviewed the R11s in February, I knew what to expect. First impressions are a largish yet not too big phone that belies the 6.43-inch screen size. Its svelte in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Note 8.

It is a phone that looks like a million dollars (in Gold) and is often mistaken for an iPhone 8. I am sure that is OPPO’s logic anyway as it follows Apple design cues in both the exterior and its user interface. Its what those who can’t afford Apple buy!

Setup is simple. Thanks to its Colour OS 3.2 user interface you can entirely avoid Google and its apps if you wish. That is especially important to Chinese users who cannot access Google services.

All that is missing is IP rating, NFC and wireless charging to make it a flagship contender! With these, it could charge way more money!

AMOLED screens – not normally on mid-range devices

It is a Samsung sourced, Diamond Pentile (two green to each red and blue pixel) with a 2160 x 1080 resolution. Being AMOLED means VR capability. Colours are accurate, but it has no software adjustment.

The results are flagship class resolution, punchy colours, pure blacks and good daylight readability (over 400 nits) on a lemonade budget.

It is the first OPPO with the new 18:9 screen (Univisium movie format). Apple, Samsung, LG et al. have adopted instead of the older, wider 16:9 TV format. It makes the larger handset more pocketable fitting a larger screen into the same space smaller 16:9 phones.


The Qualcomm 14nm, Snapdragon 660  brings near flagship-class performance to the mid-range segment.