Samsung UA55D7000
4.6Overall Score

Price (RRP): $4099
Manufacturer: Samsung

Of Samsung’s 2011 line up of TVs – and there are 44 different models – most focus on two advances over last year: better 3D with more 3D models, and TVs which are ‘SMARTer’.

As we shall see, the Samsung UA55D7000 TV also offers some nifty styling advances.


As the name implies, this is a 55 inch (140cm) TV. It comes with a neat swivel stand in the box. I approached it with a little trepidation, because 140cm TVs must be heavy. Wrong! This one weighs only 16 kilograms, or 18 with the stand. It is also very slim: just under 30mm thick.

The low weight is new, but the slimness is not new. What was new was the width of the bezel – the casing surrounding the screen area. This was in two sections: a 5mm black part which is in turn surrounded by a 9.5mm transparent part. The function of this seems to be only for additional strength since it covers nothing.

In addition, the bezel is perhaps 2mm from the edge of the picture proper. Nonetheless, the total width of the TV body surrounding the image is very thin indeed. The result is a picture that largely floats in space.

When it comes to features, this TV has them all. Three dimensions, of course. You get one set of 3D glasses with the TV. These are synchronised to the TV by means of Bluetooth rather than the more common infrared. It supports Blu-ray 3D, plus the side-by-side and above-and-below 3D broadcast formats (in which the two separate eye images are stuffed into single frames). It also has its own 2D to 3D synthesiser to allow you to experience 3D even in the absence of suitable source material.

It has full high definition resolution. It has a HD digital TV tuner (and, just about unnecessarily now, an analog TV tuner). It has a USB socket into which you can plug a hard disk to record TV programs.

And it has both an Ethernet and wireless networking built in, along with a host of network features under the title ‘Smart Hub’. We’ll look very closely at that shortly.

Samsung tossed in extra sets of a couple of different models of 3D eyewear, in addition to the single basic model included with the TV, and the advanced QWERTY remote control.