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Thomas Bartlett

Which TV brand is best?

The most common question asked by readers is “Which brand TV should I buy?”. Thomas Bartlett applies 15 years of insider knowledge to the question to reveal exactly what each brand does best. ...

Whither 3D?

Forget about technical problems, costs, product lines and so on. The only real problem with 3D in Australia has been a ridiculous lack of content....

5 eco TVs tried and tested

As part of our article Eco TVs - how green is your TV?, where we looked at the ways the various plasma and LCD TV makers are approaching the challenges of b...

Thomas Bartlett

Thomas has been a tech-head since high school. He was that guy who soldered up mains-powered MusicColour boxes and strobe lights for the school social (schools were lackadaisical about student safety in those days). Later he taught himself computer coding, first BASIC, then PASCAL, then Assembler. Ever since those school days he’s been a music lover, and a hifi lover. He has written thousands of published reviews over the past couple of decades.