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Sonos Move – portable voice assistant speaker (update - now in Lunar White)
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Name: Sonos Move
Price (RRP): $599/649
Manufacturer: Sonos

The Sonos Move is its entry into portable Wi-Fi/BT speakers supporting Google Assistant or Alexa.

It’s a growing market including JBL Link 10/20, Bose Portable Home and now third-party battery packs for Google Mini and Home speakers. But thankfully the Sonos Move is more than a Wi-Fi/BT speaker.

At $649 it is not cheap, but nothing Sonos ever is. So, what do you get with the Sonos Move?

Sonos Move

Website here

Price $649 online with free delivery but available for $595 from major retailers (pick-up).

Portable Voice Assistant speakers – an oxymoron

While I understand the desire to take OK Google or Alexa with you, it simply is not going to happen. Voice Assistants rely on a specific home Wi-Fi setup/password and linked to a voice Assistant, home and room (location). They need to know what other devices are on the network and linked to the assistant.

Please, Sonos – don’t get us wrong – we are not venting at you!

 If we needed a ‘portable room-to-room’ speaker, it would be yours as it sounds so good.

But leave true portable the plethora of almost indestructible BT speakers or to JBL Link (Google) or Ultimate Ears (Alexa) with their  IP67 rated, virtually indestructible woven PET fabric exteriors, 360° sound and 50-100% longer battery life.

Limitations of Wi-Fi complicates Voice Assistant portability too

The Sonos Move uses either Wi-Fi N 2.4.

Even the best home Wi-Fi router struggles to transmit a 30-metre 2.4Ghz signal through walls, floors or windows, let alone outside to the garden.

So the term portable Voice Assistants should be redefined to ‘within decent Wi-Fi signal reach’. And it’s a pain to set up temporarily to use at another house.

Yes, we know we know about Wi-Fi Mesh and Extenders and that you can use BT when out of reach (no voice assistant).

Sonos ecosystem

You appreciate good sound (no it is not high-res, high-bitrate audio but it is still good sound). Owners will likely have some Sonos One (that supports Google and Alexa), may use the Sonos Beam TV soundbar and sub-woofer and may eschew other ‘cheap’ brands.

You eschew because if you need to ask the price – you can’t afford it.

Sonos Move setup – Pass

You must use the Sonos Music app (iOS or Android) to set up the device. You cannot use BT unless you use the app first.