Sonos Move 2 brings powerful stereo sound to the portable speaker

Sonos Move 2 portable speaker olive

More powerful than its predecessor, the Sonos Move 2 has had a complete overhaul to produce stereo sound housed within a portable speaker form factor.

Much like how the company’s Era 100 and Era 300 speakers left mono sound behind in favour of space-filling stereo, the Sonos Move 2 appears to be a substantial upgrade over the original. You do pay a bit more for the privilege, as the new speaker comes in at $799, up from the original’s $699 price tag.

While the first Move was still a good portable speaker, its relatively short battery life was a downside. Here, the Move 2 doubles the battery capacity, allowing for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Plus, it has a USB-C port for charging not only the speaker, but other devices too, like your phone.

Most importantly, the Sonos Move 2 features an entirely new acoustic build to produce bigger and better audio than before. This includes dual tweeters that power its stereo sound, three class-D digital amplifiers, and a midwoofer for mid-range and bass frequencies.

Sonos Move 2: durable, versatile and smart

An IP56 rating means the Move 2 is a fairly sturdy speaker when exposed to the elements. Dust, splashes, and accidental drops shouldn’t cause much harm, although don’t go dunking it in the pool anytime soon.

You can control the portable speaker via just about any major connectivity protocol: AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Alexa, and Sonos’ own control system all come supported. This also extends to voice activation, with a physical switch located on the speaker’s rear to toggle voice controls on and off. Like other Sonos speakers, the Move 2 uses Trueplay tuning to monitor surrounds via its microphone array, adapting the sound to best suit the environment you’re in.

In a win for right to repair and longevity, the speaker incorporates removable battery technology, so you can replace it to prolong the speaker’s life. From a sustainability standpoint, the Sonos Move 2 also saves on idle energy usage by over 40% and uses recycled plastic materials as part of its design.

Available starting on 20 September 2023, with pre-orders open now, the Sonos Move 2 comes in black, white, and olive colours. A bigger and more powerful alternative to the lauded Roam portable speaker, the new speaker adopting stereo sound positions it as a versatile companion to the Era 100 and Era 300 speakers from Sonos – both of which we rate highly.

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