Revolutionary D-Link DSR-250V2 VPN Router: A Game-Changer for SMBs

D-Link, a global leader in connectivity, has just released its new DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router designed to cater to the needs of small to medium businesses (SMBs). This advanced router offers a reliable, secure, and flexible way to manage any network, while providing features such as WAN failover, load balancing, and an integrated firewall.

The DSR-250V2’s full-featured VPN allows for easy configuration of secure communications between mobile or remote employees, as well as branch-to-branch offices, using various encryption methodologies. This router also includes a built-in Captive Portal, a key feature requested by many SMBs, enabling easy authentication and authorization of employees or guest users by accessing customised landing pages.

Furthermore, the DSR-250V2 offers automatic failover to a second or backup Internet link when available, ensuring peace of mind in the event that the main Internet connectivity link fails.

As the latest addition to the D-Link DSR Series of Unified Services Routers, the DSR-250V2 also provides valuable Web Content Filtering features. Business owners or administrators can monitor, manage, and control users’ web and application usage. Static Web Content Filtering eliminates malicious objects such as Java applets, ActiveX, and cookies or blocks URLs at the keyword level. With an optional licence subscription, Dynamic Web Content Filtering enables administrators to filter content from a list of categories and multiple global index servers.

DSR-250V2 performance and specs

Boasting a high-performance firewall with up to 950Mbps throughput and VPN (3DES) performance up to 200Mbps throughput, the DSR-250V2 supports up to 75 simultaneous VPN tunnels. This allows for more devices to be connected and faster overall performance.

Diagram showing internet traffic interface
Web content filtering features enable admins to monitor, manage and control user’s web and application usage

Other advanced functions of the DSR-250V2 VPN Router include Quality of Service (QoS) control, Access Control, Bandwidth Priority, and Application Control. These features can restrict or prioritize predefined applications to effectively manage network utilization. By using packet inspection and a database of application signatures based on the application’s network usage patterns, the DSR-250V2 grants complete control over the content delivered through the network.

The DSR-250V2 Unified Services VPN Router is now available at (RRP AU$599.95), (RRP NZ$749.99), and from all D-Link certified partners and resellers in both countries.

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