Rumour: iPad 2 to support SD cards, iPhone 5 by July?

Apple is expected to announce a new generation of iPad models within the next few months, so here are some rumours to whet that iPalette.

Both the next iPhone and iPad generations are likely to come equipped with a new processor that increases the current speed and graphical power by as much as four times. The new chips are expected to be dual-core, giving Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor some good competition.

Expect the display on the iPad to get some of that Retina action the iPhone 4 had, with as much as four times the original resolution. What does this mean? Clearer graphics, 1080p video support, and a likelihood that the iPad 2 will sport a screen unlike any other tablet.

Will the next iPad feature HDMI and SD card slots?

Other rumours that are getting attention include some built-in ports that you might not see coming. HDMI is listed as possibility, as nearly every tablet being released this year has some form of it – mini or otherwise.

Another rumour we’re not too sure about is that Apple will include an SD memory card slot, like those found in many digital cameras these days. Given that Apple already manufacturers an SD card reader for the iPad, we can see this being used as a way of making iPhoto imports just that much easier when you’re trekking around the globe.