Rumour: Will the new Apple TV come from Loewe?

For at while now, we’ve heard rumours that Apple would be making a television, more than just the hockey puck Apple TV unit consumers can grab for a little over a hundred. This weekend, though, we heard a rumour that could suggest it’s closer than we think.

An unconfirmed report from AppleInsider suggests that German TV manufacturer Loewe may be bought by Apple and used for the company’s upcoming new Apple TV.

Loewe has been quick to deny the rumour, but there are quite a few reasons why industry insiders are suggesting this thing could be the real deal.

One is that Loewe TVs have always been regarded with a fair amount of respect, creating designs that put to shame the simple black TV most of us have in our living rooms.

Another is that the company is always researching interesting ways of pushing the field of home entertainment stronger, including last year’s showing of a transparent TV.

Apple too likes to experiment with futuristic concepts, and decisions with these ideas can help shape products and allow them to become a market leader.

The rumour suggests that the company will be telling all later this week, so if it is real, we should know soon enough.