GadgetGuy: What about the rest of us?

Consider the RACV as a test market. Once it irons out any local issues, it will leverage its community to roll out further afield.

Samsung could not comment on future distribution channels, but I suspect it is hoping other membership focused organisations will take up the challenge. Eric Chou did say he expected SmartThings to be available elsewhere within six months.

As a tech-savvy GadgetGuy who has tried Telstra’s SmartHome offering and Origin Energy’s HomeHQ, I can say that smart homes are not for dummies. At best I have Google Assistant controlling Philips Hue, Sony Android TV and smart speakers. I have not managed to get Zigbee devices working without dedicated hubs and drivers – it is not easy! That is why I have been waiting for Samsung SmartThings hub – the world awaits.

We applaud the RACV move congratulate Samsung for showing that it is not about bulk sales, but good sales.

In 2018 the Smart Home category just crept into GadgetGuy’s top ten. In 2019 we predict it will go with a rocket to the second spot! It’s hot and you can rely on us to review products and provide advice you can put to good use.