The buttons up top have changed, too, switched over to smart sensors that can change based on speaker orientation and allow you to touch or swipe to change tracks or volume quickly.

Sonos is also keeping a few things the same, and while wireless audio is supported, you can plug in a wired Ethernet cable, as well as a 3.5mm jack input source, making the Play:5 a way of handling your old vinyl player or other media source.


In Australia, it does need to be said that the Sonos Play:5 isn’t going to be cheap, though sitting at the upper end of the Sonos product spectrum, we can’t say we’re surprised.


As such, expect this model to chime in at release at $749 in Australia, around $50 more than where the original debuted back in 2009 and a not too awful conversion when you take the US price of $499 and run it through a conversion with our declining dollar.

You’ll find the Sonos Play:5 in stores soon, too, with an expected release later in the year alongside that of the Trueplay update for the Sonos Play:1, Play:3, and previous generation of the Play:5, and until this one lands, you can even expect some deals on the older Play:5. If you were looking for a way into the Sonos system without forking out a bucket load of cash, this may be the way to do it, at least until the new 2015 Play:5 rocks up.