Sony brings magnetic fluid to HiFi with a dash of teal

Up until now, seeing Sony’s take on the NASA-inspired magnetic fluid enhanced speakers in action meant buying a 4K TV, but now anyone after a new home theatre can grab the tech for under a grand.

Heading to stores in the next few weeks, Sony’s BDVN9100W (a mouthful, we know) is the company’s latest home theatre system, combining modern technologies with some inspired by tech that has gone to space.

It’s a 5.1 system, with two front speakers, two back speakers, a centre block, and a subwoofer, working with a Blu-ray and sound-system box that also features Wifi, Near-Field Communication, DLNA, 3D playback, and access to Sony’s Entertainment Network.

There’s also space age tech inside, and similar to the speakers in Sony’s Ultra High Definition TVs, this home theatre system uses speakers featuring magnetic fluid, which not only cool the driver, but also cushion it as it moves.

One thousand watts of power drive this system, and sports fans will find a “football mode” useful, thanks to some acoustic information that mutes commentators and “enhanced crowd noise” to let you feel like you’re really there.

Two colour options will be made for the BDVN9100, with the black version with a dash of teal arriving for $899, while a white version – once again with a stroke of teal at the top – will cost $999 and come with blue lights.