Sony DCRDVD602

The DCRDVD602 is an entry level model with a reasonable feature set for those that like the idea of using DVDs as a storage medium. Thankfully, Sony units can record to both the -R and +R formats and also uses +RW re-writable discs which is the way to go long term as blank DVDs for this purpose can get expensive.

The Carl Zeiss lens gives good imagery and supports a 20x optical zoom. Sadly the viewfinder is only black and white however. Sony camcorders have always been good in low light mode, and 0 lux in Super NightShot Plus mode is the go here.

The Sony DCRDVD602 is easy to use, although I confess to not being a fan of touch screens due to potential damage and also the fact it compromises battery life to a degree.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Records both +R and ?R including +RW, low light capability.
Black and white viewfinder, touch screen.