The style of the DCRDVD7 is different to say the least and you?ll either like it or hate it. Inside the body is a 10x optical zoom Carl Zeiss lens and unlike other DVD camcorders from Sony, this unit can record to DVD +RW, -RW or -R. Both video and stills can be captured to disc. 16:9 widescreen shooting is supported.

Strangely, although it may look like it, this unit is no lighter than its more conventionally styled brethren at 360g without disc or battery. There is no viewfinder in the DCRDVD7 so battery life may become an issue. I’d be trying it out in a shop for a period before purchasing to make sure this is your thing. Funky, yes. Functional? The jury is still out.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Records both +RW and ?RW including -R.
Battery life could be an issue as there is no viewfinder.