Sony finds the force with a Darth PlayStation

Collectable consoles have always been a thing, but this year we’ve seen enough to fill a lifetime, and now there’s one more (insert Darth Vader breathing here).

The next Star Wars movie may be out at the end of the year, but it won’t be the only taste of a galaxy far far away you’ll get the opportunity to sample in 2015, as Sony and Star Wars come together for a special console to celebrate the release of a new game based on the legendary movie franchise.

That game is “Star Wars: Battlefront”, the third title in that series and more of a remade edition of a game that lets people play out as either the good guys or the bad guys in key Star Wars battles, such as the snow scene on Hoth in “Empire Strikes Back”, the Ewok battle in “Return of the Jedi”, and others including at least one from that upcoming film.


Gameplay on this one is both land and air based, meaning you’ll be able to shoot things on foot as a member of the Rebel Alliance (good guys) or as an Imperial Stormtrooper (bad guys), and jump into giant machines (AT-AT and AT-ST walkers) or flying craft (X-Wings, etc) to play out scenes like in the films.

It’s one of those games we’re very eager to play, not just because the previous titles have been fun, but because the current generation of consoles with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 include some of the best graphics found around, and this should be the most immersive Star Wars experience a fan of the series will be able to have.


If you’re not just a basic fan but rather someone totally into his or her Star Wars lore, you may be lining up for a special PlayStation 4 console Sony is launching alongside the game.

That’s a limited edition console, arriving with a 1TB PS4 with a Darth Vader paint job and Star Wars titling all over, as well as a Darth-inspired DualShock 4 controller with black and red designed to look like the sort of thing Darth himself might wield, if he wasn’t using the “force” to play the games to begin with (plus he probably has better things to do, like crushing empires and all).


Alongside the console will be the “Battlefront” game and four classic titles that will apparently go through a little bit of remastering for the PS4, including “Super Star Wars”, “Star Wars: Racer Revenge”, “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter”, and “Jedi Starfighter”, in case you feared you’d get bored of Battlefront early.

Sadly, we’re not seeing any of the legendary Lucasarts games in that bunch, with no “X-Wing” or “TIE Fighter” titles made for the PS4, nor is there the N64 hit “Shadows of the Empire”, though we’ll keep dreaming and hope these great classics make an appearance at one time or another.


Still, five Star Wars titles and a special console do get our attention, except for that Sony hasn’t yet provided a price for Australians.

If we had to guess, we’d say this one will probably be somewhere between $600 and $700, though we’ll let you know when Sony actually tells us.

For now, you can expect this console to arrive on November 19.