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Looking forward to going home and getting your game on? With top titles like “The Last of Us” to look forward to, we don’t blame you, but if you’re asked to update your PlayStation 3, you might want to hold off for the moment.

Reported initially by gaming site Kotaku, some gamers are finding that an update to the PlayStation 3 console – version 4.45, in case you’re interested – is killing the game system, stopping it from moving beyond the loading screen where everything actually loads.

It’s not happening to every PS3 owner, but we’re suggesting that if you want to stay on the safe side, you might not want to update that console immediately.

Good thing you can generally play games and do everything normally without the latest update applied, and that’s a good thing, because based on what we’re hearing about this release, that’s one feature that doesn’t work, sadly.

We’ve asked Sony for more details and will let you know more once we do.

Source: Kotaku

UPDATE (4.31pm): A spokesperson for Sony has just come back to us with “we are investigating reports of this issue as a matter of priority.” Here’s to finding a solution pronto.