Sony preps a sleek special PS4 for MGSV

If you’re into initialisms, video games, and special edition products that only a few people can get their hands on, listen up, because Sony has something coming.

Announced just ahead of E3, which is actually on now, Sony will have a limited edition PlayStation 4 coming later this year, arriving in time for a video game that it will actually arrive with.

The game is “Metal Gear Solid V”, a stealthy action game that has been running in the “Metal Gear” series since back in the late 80s, and this time, it’ll include high res graphics and a return of the game’s star, Solid Snake.

But we’re not here to talk about the game, but rather the console, with the two arriving side by side on September 1. The game will be available by itself, but Sony has plans for those keen on getting something a little more special, with a special edition console.


It’s not a console like the 20th PlayStation anniversary model we saw late last year, a model that Sony only made 12,300 of, and we’re not even sure how many Sony is making of this one, because it’s not telling us.

What does make the console special, however, is the red and gold paint job to make the console look both retro and like the main character’s bionic arm, with the wireless controller for the console taking a paint job similar to the handgun used by that same main character, Snake.


The “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” game will be included in the console pack, as well as Sony’s standard 500GB drive and and a mono gaming headset, which should make it useful for those keen to get online and play the game with and against friends.

Pricing on the console hasn’t been made official, but going by what we’re seeing online, we suspect this one will chime in not too far off the cost of the regular console, fetching somewhere between $570 and $600.