Sony PSVR2 virtual reality headset to launch in early 2023

The Sony PSVR2 virtual reality headset is set to launch early next year, with an improved design and enhanced UI set to overhaul Sony’s VR gaming experience. 

Announced in January, the Sony PSVR2‘s release will come six years after the original PSVR. It was compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles but relied on an adaptor, while the new PSVR2 will only work with the PlayStation 5 console and operates via a single USB cable.

The announcement came via PlayStation’s global social media accounts, including PlayStation AU.

Previously, it has been confirmed that the Sony PSVR2 virtual reality headset is slimmer than its predecessor, while including new features such as a lens adjustment dial and new vents to improve airflow and cooling.

To create a more life-like experience, the headset features twin OLED HDR screens – offering 2000 × 2040 resolution per eye – as well as a 110-degree field of view, a new eye-tracking system and 90/120Hz refresh rate options. It also features new handheld controllers, similar to other high-end VR headsets, rather than relying on basic PlayStation Move controllers.

Meanwhile, the PSVR2 user experience includes a new see-through feature taking advantage of the headset’s external cameras. Users can switch between gameplay and their real-world surroundings without removing the headset, either through the Control Centre or by hitting a button on the device itself.

Using the cameras, the headset can also scan the user’s physical space and set up play area boundaries to keep them from tripping over real-world objects like coffee tables.

Sony also announced that players with a PS5 HD Camera will be able to broadcast themselves playing the new VR system, sending game footage directly to a stream at the same time. 

More than 20 games will be available at launch, although pricing for the headset and pre-order dates are yet to be confirmed. Considering global supply chain issues, it remains to be seen whether the PSVR 2 is as difficult to obtain as the PlayStation 5.

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