Sony shakes a tail-feather with its Shake sound system

Everyone likes dancing, except the guy standing in the corner who has to be coaxed out with The Safety Dance, so it’s probably worth having a sound system that makes everyone want to dance. Fortunately, you don’t have to look at your hands, and can instead look at the lights as Sony shakes up the dance floor with its own system.

Launched as part of Sony’s bass-filled Muteki range of audio gear, the Shake 5 is a smaller sound system with big glowing speakers destined to make any small home sound larger than life.

The Shake 5 is more than just big speakers with lighting, though, as the audio deck that comes with the package supports USB input from phones and iPhones, streaming audio over Bluetooth, and immediate pairing through Near-Field Communication (NFC).

“These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone and is accustomed to sharing content they love with friends and family,” said Hass Mahdi, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at Sony in Australia.

“So Sony introduced NFC functionality to the Shake-5 to let party-goers share their favourite songs with one touch of their smartphone to the device.”

Over 20 lighting effects are included with the speakers which will glow with every big thump, a sound that is pushed out a 2400W and working with both a bass enhancer and four DJ effects you can switch on to give your music that special touch.

Pricing for Sony’s Shake 5 will hit around $1199 RRP, with the sound system arriving in stores mid this month.