Sony solves the make-your-own-music video dilemma with new camera

Anyone who has ever been in a band knows all too well how important it is to get yourself out there, to be seen, heard, and possibly signed. Music videos are one way of doing this, and a new gadget out of IFA could help to do just that.

Everyone has a camera in practically every device these days, but most of them just aren’t great for live music recordings. While the video could be decent enough, chances are the audio won’t be, likely resulting in tinny, unbalanced audio, which is less than useful, especially when the medium you’re trying to get famous in is all about the sound.

Sony’s upcoming HDR-MV1 camera will attempt to solve problems in this area by coupling a Full HD video camera with a 120 degree stereo microphone setup in an X-Y configuration, which is to have the mics set up at angles against each other to create a more realistic environment from the two microphones.

With better sound paired with Full HD video, young musicians can take a high quality sample of their work online much more easily, and even take the audio straight from the video and export it without the video straight to AAC format.

Also included in the MV1 is WiFi for tablet and smartphone connectivity, acting as both a transfer mechanism and a remote controller, while Near-Field Communication assists with easy paring on devices that support the wireless handshaking technology.

Pricing for the stereo capable camera has yet to be announced, but we should hear more about this shortly, as its release is expected in December.