Sony to give away 20,000 Blu-ray players with BRAVIA LCD TV purchases

Sony today announced the launch of a bonus BDPS550 Blu-ray player offer across its range of BRAVIA LCD TVs. The promotion begins on 16 March 2009 and runs until all 20,000 players are redeemed.

The Blu-ray player featured in the bonus promotion, Sony’s BDP-S550 valued at $649, will help new Full HD TV owners maximise the potential of these TVs, while adding a new dimension to the home entertainment experience through advanced features such as 7.1 channel audio capability, Bonus View and BD-Live.

The BRAVIA series included as part of the promotion, which all feature Sony’s Motionflow technology, are:

BDPS550 Blu-ray player

The BDPS550 can take advantage of BD-Live, a Blu-ray feature that lets you access the internet during a movie to download a variety of up-to-date content, such as refreshed previews and exclusive special features like ringtone/wallpaper downloads, peer to peer interactions, live events and gaming. This is achieved through an Ethernet port, which also enables easy firmware updates. A Bonus View feature provides “picture-in-picture” capability with select Blu-ray Disc titles – useful for viewing director or actor commentary while the movie plays.

A USB port lets you connect USB flash-based memory to store downloads from BD-Live. The BDPS550 ships with a 1GB storage device. Sony’s Blu-ray players feature 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema output. They are compatible with most standard DVDs and feature 1080p upscaling through an HDMI connection to capable HDTV sets, improving the picture performance of existing DVD libraries.

Audio features include 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus decoding, bit-stream output, dts-HD High Resolution Audio and Master Audio bit-stream output, dts-HD High Resolution Audio and dts-HD Master Audio decoding as well as 7.1 channel analog audio output.