Sony goes 4K with a full-frame mirrorless

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Photographers who want to dabble in high resolution video are about to be offered a taste of one of the highest resolutions there is, as Sony pushes the A7 camera to the realm of Ultra HD.

The first competitor we’ve heard of for Panasonic’s mirrorless 4K shooter, Sony’s upcoming revision to its A7 camera will incorporate a new sensor capable of picking up on more light than the previous models, and also a higher level of video quality.

Different to the other A7 models Sony released last year, this new version — the A7S — takes advantage of a completely different sensor, sized at the 35mm full-frame size like the other models, but with 12.2 megapixels of goodness, supporting RAW and JPEG, as well as Full HD and Ultra HD movie files.

The latter of these is very important, as up until now, the mirrorless SLR-inspired camera market has only had Panasonic’s upcoming flagship to support the 4K standard, and that’s not even out yet, either.

When it does make itself available, Panasonic will have some interesting competition, as Sony has not just a competitor on its hands, but also one with some impressive low light support, capable of shooting from ISO 50 to 409,600, which should provide shooting in near dark to dark environments.

Pricing and availability information isn’t yet known, but we should have a review of the model just before the A7S (the A7) along shortly, as we’re just putting it through its final paces.

Until then, why not drool over the images of new big brother, which looks more or less the same, but offers those of you with 4K TVs (all six of you) the ability to record videos with more control than what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 (another 4K video camera) can.