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The STM Grace range of women’s business bags is a balance between simplicity and style. In short, they look professional yet are eminently practical.

The STM Grace range (Australian website here) offers extremely reasonably priced business travelling bags including

GadgetGuy asked GadgetGirl (wife and professional businessperson Jan) to review the STM Grace range for the woman traveller.

STM Grace is for a woman on the move

STM Grace is not about ‘women’s’ products but a specially designed range of useful business bags in a variety of colours that suit a person on the move. ‘Grace’ is named after U.S. Navy Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper who helped to develop the first programming language that revolutionised the computer world.

Those colours include (not all are for each style)

  • Blue Diamond pattern
  • Purple Diamond
  • Teal Dot
  • Coral Dove
  • Dark Purple
  • Night Sky

We selected Dark Purple as it is available on all bag styles. When shown to a panel of women the opinion was that colours reflect a more mature audience.

STM Grace

Review paradigms – bags

  • Quality – zippers, stitching, fabric, strap anchors
  • Practicality – does it fit what it should
  • Style/Looks – does it look good, premium or pauper
  • Caring for it – any special care factors

Looks/Style – more practical

The range uses a 100% polyester fabric with a slightly grainier weave reminiscent of fine canvas. Colours are two-tone – different on upper and lower sections.

It looks practical rather than luxurious or faux leather. It is the kind of look that has a universal appeal unless you are a Prada wearer darling! To me its something that I would use every day in travels to and from work rather than in a boardroom situation.

Interiors are a padded faux fur to protect the contents.

Quality – up there for durability

Zippers are largish, strong, with a matte bronze colour and finished with leather pull tags. These will last, unlike so many cheap nylon zips.

Seams are single stitch with heavy gauge colour matched thread. Corners are ‘gapless’ (wraparound) and padded. They should last for years.

In all several steps above the cheaply mass-produced ranges.

Practicality – does what it promises

The backpack and both sleeves are well padded and should protect the laptop/tablet admirably. Having said that there is an absence of a rigid protection frame, so it’s probably best not to sit on the bag/contents. All provide additional protection against hip-height drops.