Stuart Hughes creates diamond-encrusted iPhone 4, boyfriends everywhere hide their wallets

We don’t even have the iPhone 4 available in this country yet, but if you have to have the blingiest of gadgets ever, a new luxurious model is out for your retail therapy enjoyment.

The iPhone 4G Diamond Edition takes the iPhone 4 as made by Apple and makes it better by giving it something to make it every girl’s best friend. With 6.5 carats of diamonds on what would normally be the metal band of the iPhone and a platinum Apple logo with more diamonds on that, we’re sure it’s the blingiest next-gen phone on the market today.

It also costs over twenty-two thousand dollars at current exchange rates.

Stuart Hughes has been making luxurious versions of products for a while now, their work culminating in some of the most expensive variants you’ll ever see. Their line-up currently includes solid gold Nintendo Wii, a seven kilogram solid platinum MacBook Air, and a 1:18 scale 3.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron model made from solid 24 carat gold and platinum with a 7.2 carat flawless diamond.

Platinum MacBook Air
Why you’d want a platinum MacBook Air weighing 7 kilograms when the original only weighs 1.36 kilograms is beyond us. But hey, we don’t spend half a million bucks on luxury laptops.

No one can say whether the iPhone 4’s diamonds would help in eliminating the known metal band antenna reception problem currently affecting iPhone 4 users, but we’re not game enough to plonk the twenty-two grand we’d need to find out.

If you are, tell us how you went. We’d love to know.