Our New Year tech resolutions for 2012

With the New Year being a time for fresh starts, the wiping of slates and the turning over of new leaves, GadgetGuy staffers present to you our 2012 tech resolutions.

As a list of tech tasks we pledge to do better, differently, or for the first time it’s not so ambitious, so wish us luck… and don’t forget to add your own resolutions into our comments section.

I’m going to use gadgets and video games to lose weight

This is the collective aim of most GG staffers: to use video games to help lose weight. As a New Year’s resolution, it’s far from original, but we reckon the fun factor involved in our approach will make the goal more achievable than a regime of lettuce and Pilates.

For starers, there are loads knick-knacks to help us shed the kilos digitally. We can go for a brisk with an iPod and track our footsteps with the Nike+ gadget, lose weight with the aid of fitness video games – sans controllers – on the Xbox 360 Kinect, and there’s even a scale that can tweet our weight to the world.

In fact, exercising with video games has become a big deal thanks to the motion gaming successes like the Xbox 360 Kinect and Nintendo Wii, so much that the area is now called “gamercising”.

Personally, we’ll try to get up extra early, play a few rounds of Dance Central 2 with the calorie counter turned on, measure our weight, and come back for some more fitness game playtime with UFC Personal Trainer and Your Shape Fitness. What will you do?

We'll play Dance Central 2 and stick on that calorie counting mode. That works, right?