Telstra adds 200GB storage for mobile, broadband customers

If you’re a mobile customer on Telstra or even someone paying Telstra for broadband, you’ve just been given the gift of backup storage. Now you have even less excuse not to backup.

This week, Telstra customers of the mobile and broadband variety are receiving a spot of storage, with a good 200GB of cloud storage being made available to them for two years provided they’re a member of Telstra when they connect with the freebie.

According to Kevin Tech, Telstra’s Director of Mass Market Mobility, “eligible customers can easily redeem their free OneDrive subscription through Telstra My Account [on the Telstra website] or the 24×7 app by following the links once logged in”, which will add 200GB to a OneDrive account.

If you already have a OneDrive account because you use it regularly, this will add 200GB for the next two years to your account, increasing the storage you already have. Likewise, if you have an Office 365 subscription, this will increase your storage supply from 1TB to 1.2TB, giving you a little more space.

4G uploads can be fast, but they can also be costly.

One thing of note is uploads, with Telstra saying that uploads to the OneDrive solution are not unmetered, meaning if you’re uploading a lot of files using 4G or broadband, you’re paying for those uploads.

Getting stuff to the cloud is often half the fun, and while 4G is fast for uploads with speeds around 50Mbps semi-achievable, it won’t be cheap as you’ll be removing bandwidth normally thought of as downloads for uploads, also.

When telcos say you have a certain amount of data for downloads, it technically translates to bandwidth as a whole, so if you have 6GB monthly for downloads, it also applies for uploads.

That means you might want to wait until you’re using home internet before you try to backup your phone or computer to that 200GB of free space, because otherwise, you’ll be chewing through your data very quickly.