This Shapes Xbox is the most Australian thing I’ve seen in yonks

Image: supplied.

In one of the more fun cross-promotions I’ve seen lately, Xbox Australia has teamed up with Arnotts to make a limited-edition Barbecue Shapes console.

Last year, they dressed up an Xbox Series S in a Chicken Crimpy-themed design, adorned with biscuits and bright-orange flourishes. Chicken Crimpy is a solid flavour, but this year’s novelty console adopts the objectively best flavour of Shapes.

Not only that, but the console used this time around is the more powerful Xbox Series X, the one with the disc drive. Perhaps I’m a bit biased, given my strong leaning towards brightly coloured technology. That, and the Barbecue Shapes Xbox controller looks equally as fun as the recent Electric Vapor design.

How to get a Shapes-inspired Xbox

Sadly, the Barbecue Shapes Xbox Series X and accompanying controller aren’t available for sale. You can win one, though, by buying some bikkies from Woolies before 12 May. There are 10 of the limited edition consoles to win, making them a hot commodity.

Aside from the design that should be considered culturally significant, Xbox and Arnotts are also giving away a bunch of regular Series X consoles. Although the black design is a bit plain by comparison, winning a $799 console is nothing to sneeze at. The non-Shapes-themed hardware, in addition to thousands of Xbox Game Pass codes, can be won from other retailers.

Shapes Xbox giveaway
Image: supplied.

I consider myself a platform-agnostic person, who happily games on anything with a screen. It’s probably why I’m a fan of Xbox’s multi-platform approach to gaming, letting you stream from the cloud. If you don’t already have an Xbox, the upcoming Indiana Jones game looks like a worthy reason to jump on board.

You can find out more via the Shapes Insta account, and there’s a full rundown on the competition website. Time to perform your civic duty and devour a box in a single sitting.

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