I desperately need Logitech’s gorgeous Pop Keys keyboard

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard and mouse Cosmos colour

Fun computer peripheral colours are great, which is why I’m positively salivating over Logitech’s new Cosmos-coloured Pop Keys keyboard.

Announced as part of a colour refresh to several keyboard and mouse devices from the well-known brand, there are several new options for existing work and productivity gear. While it’s the cool shade of purple that’s caught my eye, the other newly-announced colours are all aesthetically pleasing. Logitech has a reputation for nicely-coloured peripherals, and this continues its run of colourful tech further.

Two stylish new colours for the Pop Keys range

If you’re not familiar with Logitech’s Pop range of peripherals, it consists of a wireless mechanical keyboard featuring typewriter-like keys, and a wireless mouse that connects via Bluetooth. Available in a range of colours, the Pop range is aimed at those who like expressing themselves through vibrant technology.

They now come in a shade of purple labelled Cosmic, plus a retro-inspired grey Mist colour. There’s something about the shade of the Mist keyboard that harkens back to the classic mechanical boards of decades gone by, which is very chic. However, I’m a sucker for pretty colours, which is why my eyes bulged out of my head Looney Tunes-style upon seeing the Cosmic gear.

Another endearing aspect of the keyboard and mouse combo is the level of customisation on offer. Both let you assign your favourite emojis for instant use when chatting. Although not necessarily a must-have feature, it is undeniably adorable. Importantly for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, the Pop Keys come in Brown and Tactile switch varieties depending on your preferred level of clickety-clackety.

You can grab the latest Pop Keys keyboard from the Logitech website for $149.95, while the Pop Mouse retails for $59.95. Alternatively, you can also grab them from the usual tech stores including Amazon, where some of the other colours are going cheap at the time of writing.

Pop Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Pop Wireless Mouse

Pretty in pink: other Logitech keyboards with fresh colours

Alongside the new Pop Keys colours, a couple of other peripherals received a nice and subtle Rose finish. First up is the MK470 Slim Combo, a wireless keyboard and mouse pack that’s small and quiet, ideal for when you have limited space.

The Logitech MK470 keyboard and mouse in Rose

The other Rose-tinted device is the K580, billed as a multi-device keyboard you can use with phones, tablets, and computers, replete with an in-built cradle for mobile devices. With its Bluetooth technology and 2.4GHz USB dongle, it even enables swapping between two devices using its Easy Switch buttons.

Like the Pop Keys range, both the MK470 Slim Combo and K580 keyboard peripherals are available via the Logitech website or tech retailers including Amazon.

Logitech K580 multi device keyboard Rose colour
A phone resting in the Logitech K580 keyboard

Logitech Rose peripherals

I’d love for Logitech and other peripheral companies to offer something similar to the Xbox Design Lab, except for customising keyboard colours instead of game controllers. In the meantime, what we’ve got now looks great.

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