Damn, these Xbox Vapor controllers are a feast for the eyes

Xbox Vapor controller designs
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Like a moth to a flame or a magpie to shiny objects, I’m hypnotically drawn to bright and colourful designs. When I first saw the Electric Vapor Xbox controller, I’m certain my pupils dilated tenfold.

New to the controller-customising Xbox Design Lab service is a range of eye-catching Vapor patterns, adding yet another cool way to personalise your gamepad. I nearly missed the announcement the first time, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw Byteside’s Seamus Byrne share the kaleidoscopic news.

Life’s too short for dull-looking technology, which is why I went out last year and bought a Velocity Green controller for myself, and the gorgeous Stellar Shift model for my partner. Why stick with black, white, or grey when there are millions of other colours to choose from?

Microsoft has a knack for fun-looking peripherals, of which the Xbox controller Vapor range is the latest. Six new swirly top case designs add to the extensive customisation available via Xbox Design Lab. I’ve already confessed my love for the Electric Vapor variant, but the Fire Vapor and Cyber Vapor designs also look fresh.

Dream Vapor Xbox controller adds a bit extra

In a neat touch, none of these controller designs are exactly the same. Due to the process of producing the patterns, each one comes out slightly differently. Even if you and a mate get the same colour, the exact location of the swirls is unique to you, adding a nice personal element to each controller.

Xbox Dream Vapor controller
The Dream Vapor design is indeed dreamy. Image: Xbox.

Alongside the added design options is a new special edition Dream Vapor controller. While the other custom options contain a mishmash of colour elements, this one has unified pink and purple flourishes extending to the bumpers, sticks, buttons and so on. It also includes rubberised purple grips and an exclusive background available on your Xbox when pairing the controller.

Available to pre-order now, the Dream Vapor Xbox controller costs $99.95 and is expected to launch later this month. Meanwhile, the swirl designs are live now via the Xbox Design Lab. Excuse me while I continue gazing longingly at the Electric Vapor controller.

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