Telstra gets its groove on with Apple Music plans

Can’t survive without your regular dose of sound in the morning or afternoon? If you’re a Telstra customer, you may not have to, provided you have an iPhone.

These days, telcos are doing everything they can to convince customers to move to their network. Now that we all have high-speed 4G mobile connectivity, it’s not just about reliability, but what the operator — what Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, and everyone else out there — can do for the customer.

For instance, Optus at one point offered free Netflix, a deal that seems to have disappeared, though should have proved popular. In comparison, Vodafone still offers up access to Spotify’s music streaming service, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, or the Stan movie and TV show delivery service.

Telstra has its own take on the freebie, and is chiming in with access to Apple Music, which the company says will provide free for 12 months for eligible postpaid Telstra customers on a Go Mobile plan.

“Our customers are telling us they want superior content and we are delighted to be the only telco in Australia to offer a 12 month membership to Apple Music,” said Telstra’s Joe Pollard.

“When you combine Apple Music with Australia’s best mobile network, you get a brilliant music experience that we know consumers will love.”


Some quick points here, because there are some interesting points to this one, and right now, number one is that you’ll need an iPhone if you want to be eligible.

While Apple does plan on making Apple Music available to other devices including Android, iOS is the only place that currently runs the Apple Music service, meaning you will need an iPhone (or an iPad) if you want this to work.

Observation two comes from the free trial period of the Apple Music, and that’s that every person who subscribes to Apple Music gets three free months, making Telstra’s service kick in after those three months.

In theory, this means you’ll get 15 free months of the service, though only 12 of these will have Telstra footing the bill, with any service of Apple Music charging $11.99 to a Telstra account.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for music lovers in Australia,” said Pollard.

Telstra’s Apple Music plans should go into effect shortly, so if you’re curious, head to Telstra to find out more.