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It is a very simple tracker/watch (in watermelon/teal, Blue, Night Sky/yellow silicone straps), is swim-proof, has a 5-day battery, tracks steps, sleep and tells him when to move. He is just too damned grown-up for this watch!

As for exercising together, that is not on the cards. While Wayne did suggest going for a walk when possible – he is too glued to Xbox during the holidays and playing soccer after school.

Fitbit challenge

GadgetGuy’s take – the Fitbit challenge is a good idea but derailed by a 12-year old

I suspect if the Fitbit Ace 2 watch were used by a 6-9-year-old, it would be more useful. Kids are more malleable then, and its easier to influence them. And once a Fitbit user – its easier to stick with what you know.

Let’s face it the Versa Lite may have had a very different outcome for the discerning “Mr Nathan”.

But in the end, more ‘tween and teen-agers’ simply don’t want to spend free time with parents.

We have developed a comprehensive checklist for fitness bands and smartwatches here.