Aussie artist The Kid Laroi joins Fortnite alongside Dead Space

The Kid Laroi Fortnite Wild Dreams event

Global gaming phenomenon Fortnite regularly features spectacular in-game concerts from some of the world’s biggest artists like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. Soon, there’ll be some local talent on show, courtesy of The Kid Laroi and Fortnite teaming up to present the “Wild Dreams” interactive musical experience.

Perhaps best known for “Stay”, his hit collaboration with Justin Bieber that dominated Spotify Wrapped 2022, Kamilaroi man The Kid Laroi now lends his likeness to the virtual stage. As part of the Fortnite Icon Series, you’ll be able to visit the in-game Wild Dreams island to experience his rise to stardom.

The Kid Laroi Fortnite experience details

Starting from 10 AM AEDT this Saturday, 28 January 2023, Wild Dreams you can jump into Wild Dreams via Fortnite‘s Discover screen or using island code 2601-0606-9081. From here, you’ll encounter the cyber-themed city known as “Laroitown” where you’ll attend a Laroi concert, featuring well-known tracks, a new song releasing this Friday called “Love Again”, plus three unreleased songs.

Afterwards, you can then hang out with the digital likeness of Laroi at the Afterparty. This phase showcases his young career to date, soundtracked to the Wild Dreams mix. Plenty of people teamed up to make The Kid Laroi Fortnite event happen, with the in-game islands built by Alliance Studios, Team Atomic, and TheBoyDilly, featuring a video directed by Adrien Wagner and produced by La Pac. Alliance Studios previously created other local Fortnite experiences including the Soundwave Series: Tones and I, and Lands Down Under.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Fortnite without loads of digital collectibles to obtain, and Wild Dreams is no different. There are The Kid Laroi cosmetic outfits available to purchase in addition to unlockable music tracks, sprays, and artwork from completing in-game quests. These quests go live at the same time as Wild Dreams, but only last until 4 February Australian time. Meanwhile, the rest of the Wild Dreams content lasts until 8 AM AEST on 28 April 2023.

Dead Space: a horror game icon joins the fray

The Kid Laroi and Fortnite aren’t the only ones playing together: Isaac Clarke from the sci-fi horror game series Dead Space is also making an appearance. For $17.55, you get a cosmetic pack featuring the protagonist’s iconic armour and a series of Strange Transmission Quests that will net you up to 1,500 V-Bucks you can spend on other Fortnite goodies.

Dead Space Fortnite

It comes ahead of this week’s launch of the Dead Space remake, about surviving a derelict ship filled with countless horrors. As with any cross-brand collaboration in Fortnite, it’ll look strange seeing such a gritty character running around a notably more vibrant world. Given the sheer range of popular media represented in Fortnite already, the genie’s well and truly already out of the bottle.

Virtual concerts are a unique way for artists and fans to connect in new ways while providing another revenue stream. Often dazzling in scope and presentation, the in-game concerts are cool activities to participate in, especially for the entry price of free.

In the meantime, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 continues on, with Geralt from The Witcher series due out soon. Interestingly, The Kid Laroi’s in-game concert will cross over between seasons, with the current one slated to end on 10 March, while Laroi’s event lasts until the end of April.

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