The Mac Pro lives: Apple revives its desktop with all-new design

Apple still has some innovation left in its tanks, which is top news for geeks, video editors, and graphic professionals, as the company unveils a new flagship desktop that looks different from anything we’ve seen from the company.

It’s the one product that many felt Apple had abandoned, with the Apple Mac Pro only receiving slight refreshes for the past couple of years, and missing out on what its customers really wanted: grunt.

Without the news they’ve been after for so long, many of these people went to the iMac, expecting Apple to quietly kill off the Mac Pro line.

That, however, isn’t what has happened.

This week, Apple has pulled the cover off its next-generation Mac Pro with a completely new design, both inside and outside.

Set to be Apple’s first modern product built on American soil, the new Mac Pro will come with Intel’s new Xeon X5 processors able to run up to 12 cores, two workstation-class graphics chips provided by AMD, and storage working on flash memory which will be faster than hard drives.

Six Thunderbolt 2 ports will be offered, able to run multiple 4K displays, with 802.11 ac and Bluetooth built in, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0.

And then there’s the design, and while Apple could have just thrown this new machine inside the old Apple Mac Pro aluminium cage, the company has made something different altogether with a cylindrical design that uses aluminium too.

While the outside looks like a barrel, the insides are more fitted like a triangular prism, with the boards fitted to the faces of the prism and the inside acting as a giant heat sink, pulling the heat and cooling the system down with a fan at the top of the massive cylinder.

It’s easily one of the more interesting designs we’ve seen from Apple, and harks back to a time when the company was really experimenting with product designs, such as the PowerMac G4 Cube.

Neither pricing nor availability are known at this point, but you can expect the new Mac Pro later this year, just don’t expect it to be cheap.