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Don’t panic! Yes, only three days to go. Yes, if all else fails, carnations! But wouldn’t your mom like something better? Something she can use in the weeks and months ahead, long after the last petal has fallen from a flower?

Well, we’re gadget people here. If you’re a gadget person too, and think your mom might be, allow us to make ten quick suggestions before Sunday arrives.

Canon SELPHY CP1200 – $159

Canon SELPHY CP1200

Your mom fills her phone’s memory with photos. Where she’s been, family members, perhaps grandkids, aides-memoire. Of course, she’ll never want hard copy of her shopping list, but those photos of the grandkids? That’s a different matter.

The Canon SELPHY CP1200 isn’t going to be mistaken as being some kind of utilitarian office printer. It has a very specialised job: produce high quality photos, principally on what Canon calls “postcards”, but what I call four by six photo paper.

It’s not inkjet. It uses dye sublimation print technology for pictures indistinguishable from a photo lab. It can print from SD cards or you can print from your phone wirelessly.

iPhone 7 – from $1079

iPhone 7

But maybe she’d rather just keep the photos in her phone … except that it’s running out of memory. That can happen fairly easily if your phone has only 16GB of storage, as so many did.

So, upgrade her phone. The entry level iPhone 7 now includes 32GB of storage as standard, leaving perhaps a good 20GB for photos – she could fit several thousand of them into that space.

Or you can be on the safe side and go for the 128GB model for $150 more. That way she’ll have room for lots of videos of the grandkids, in 4K.

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BeatsX Wireless Earphones – $199.95


iPhones no longer have earphone sockets, but they still come with earphones. They use an adaptor to plug into the Lightning port on the bottom. I’d never recommend to anyone that they should use Apple earbuds. Their hard little nubs make it impossible to achieve either good sound or comfort.

But the new BeatsX Bluetooth earphones sound great and are very comfortable to wear. And they’re specifically designed to work well with Apple products, offering easy pairing and switching between Apple devices.

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