Toshiba first with 4K laptops, new Chromebook too

Perhaps this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is less about 4K TVs and more about 4K in general, as Toshiba unveils laptops sporting the uber-high resolution that Ultra HD brings to the table.

In a development that puts Toshiba ahead of Apple in sheer resolution numbers, Tosh has outed the world’s first laptop supporting the 4K resolution of 3840×2160, trumping the 2880×1800 seen on the 15.4 inch Apple MacBook Pro.

Toshiba is delivering the Ultra HD resolution on two computers, for what it’s worth, with the high-end screens appearing on the Tecra W50 and Satellite P50t, both of which will feature the 4K resolution on a 15.4 inch screen, with the chips taken care of by Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors.

The Tecra will be closer to a workstation machine, and therefore a little higher end, complete with an Nvidia Quadro graphics chip with 2GB RAM, though we expect the Toshiba Satellite P50t will have a fair amount of video grunt to work with also, especially since it needs to drive the 4K display.

“We have applied years of experience and engineering resources to bring Ultra HD 4K technology into our premium laptops for consumers and businesses so they can usher in the next generation of content creation and consumption,” said Carl Pinto, Vice President of Marketing and Engineering at Toshiba in America.

Another Toshiba machine to get an update also sports a high-end display, though not quite as sky high as either the new Tecra or Satellite models, and that’s the Kirabook.

Last year’s premium entry from Toshiba will receive the latest Intel processors from the fourth-generation, no doubt increasing both performance and battery life, the latter of which Toshiba now says can bull up to as much as nine hours of life.

Finally, a new entrant into Toshiba’s laptop range will also be making its way out, and it will likely be less of a drain on the wallet than either of the 4K laptops or the Kirabook.

Toshiba's Kirabook

Launched at CES this week, the Toshiba Chromebook is the company’s first laptop designed to run Google’s Chrome browser-based operating system.

As the first Chromebook for Toshiba, we’ll be seeing an Intel 4th-gen Celeron processor being used, working alongside 2GB RAM, 16GB solid-state storage, and a 13.3 inch 1366×768 high definition screen.

The laptop will come out of the box at 1.5 kilograms and feature a 2cm profile when closed, with 100GB Google Drive storage for use when you’re online. Two USB 3.0 ports are included as well, sitting near a lone HDMI port, and memory card reader, with WiFi included as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Australia doesn’t have an official date or set of pricing just yet for any of these, but we’re currently pestering Toshiba about just that, so stay tuned for more information.