Two new Sony Walkman models – the X and W series

Sony Australia has announced the latest additions to its range of Walkman MP3 players. The Walkman X series features the first ever OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) 3-inch touchscreen display on a Walkman MP3 player, while the Walkman W series boasts a streamlined cord-free wearable design.

Walkman X series MP3 player

Incorporating a 3-inch OLED touchscreen, digital noise cancelling technology and includes Wi-Fi technology, Sony’s new Walkman X series MP3 player provides a first-class audio and visual experience.

To further enhance the incredible sound quality, the Walkman X series video MP3 player utilises Sony’s Digital Clear Audio Technologies: Digital Amplifier ‘S-Master’, digital noise cancelling and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). These Digital Clear Audio Technologies fill in the high tones that can be lost during file compression, enhance the bass, minimise distortion and maintain a consistent channel signal.

The integrated digital noise cancelling technology uses a unique digital software engine to block out ambient noise (cancels up to 98% ambient noise) and produce superb audio fidelity with a balanced and rich sound, via the accompanying 13.5 mm EX headphones. Users can even turn on the noise cancelling feature to get complete peace and quiet without listening to music.

The OLED display delivers a picture with extremely high contrast, good colour reproduction and a rapid response time. Usability is also enhanced as it utilises both touch panel operation and a hybrid button system to enhance the navigation experience. The built-in Wi-Fi technology allows access to an internet web browser and other features such as direct podcast downloads and YouTube streaming.

W series Walkman

Boasting a stylish cord-free design, the Walkman W series is perfect for audiophiles who want a simple and hassle free MP3 player while on the go. The ultra portable W series is compact, with a lightweight body, and fits comfortably behind the neck, so users can get active without getting tangled in wires.


A quick charge feature has been incorporated in this model, allowing users to play back up to 90 minutes of music with only a three minute charge and up to 12 hours of music with a full charge. In addition to the enhanced sound quality provided by its 13.5mm EX headphones, the Walkman W series MP3 player also includes Sony’s ZAPPIN function, which offers an effortless way of browsing, searching and listening to music without a display. The ZAPPIN mode helps you find tunes easily by playing a four or 15 second snippet of each song in the music library until a favourite song is selected.

The ‘Content Transfer’ software supplied with both the X and W series Walkman allows you to easily transfer non-DRM music files from online music services such as, iTunes™, to the Walkman through ‘drag and drop’.

Storage sizes and colours

The Walkman X series is available in black with 16GB and 32GB internal storage. The Walkman W series is available in black, white, pink, violet and lime with 2GB internal storage.

Price and availability

The new models are in store now, with pricing as follows:

Walkman X series

  • 16GB – $649 RRP
  • 32GB – $799 RRP

Walkman W series

  • 2GB – $119 RRP