Vodafone brings prepaid mobile broadband peeps into the 4G fold

Vodafone has been rebuilding its network this year, and if you’ve been taking advantage of the data as a 3G customer, you may want to grab a 4G dongle, because you’re about to have access.

Yes, Vodafone is bringing its prepaid mobile broadband customers from the 3G fold into one governed by higher speeds, as Vodafone makes its LTE network accessible by prepaid customers across the entirety of its network.

Alongside this access, Vodafone will also be releasing new plans, making more data available to prepaid and postpaid customers, delivering as much as 25GB per month, or even 22GB for a year.

“Aussies have been calling out for more affordable mobile broadband and we’ve not only listened…we’ve delivered,” said Kim Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone.

“We are committed to providing Australians with affordable high-speed 4G services. With speeds faster than home broadband, Vodafone 4G is an attractive alternative for people looking to ditch the landline and unnecessary costs associated with fixed-line broadband services.”

The services in question will still offer the 4G speeds of a Category 4 LTE network, but with changes to the data allowances, with the changes benefitting both prepaid and postpaid.

If you pay before you spend (prepaid), you’ll now find data allowances increased on all price points, though some of these have gone up by a dollar, with the $19 plan now costing $20 and netting 1GB of data, while the $29 plan grabs 3GB instead of 2GB and costs a dollar more at $30.

Vodafone’s two yearly prepaid plans have been left around, too, with $125 netting a year’s worth of 15GB, while $200 will grab you 22GB of bandwidth, which could be ideal for people who take a tablet out on the road with them.

Post-paid also gets a change or too, with five plans on offer, allowing you to pay for as little as 2.5GB per month ($20) and as much as 25GB every 30 days ($90 monthly).

“We have built a world-class 4G network that we want our MBB customers to enjoy,” said Ms Clarke.

“Rather than sting people with high prices for data, small allowances and data excess charges, we are delivering lightning-fast 4G speeds, upsizing our data inclusions and introducing new measures to prevent bill shock to our customers.”

Vodafone’s 4G mobile broadband plans go into effect from now.