If you were a Vodafone customer in Australia this week, there’s a very good chance you were angry on Thursday, and if you were, it likely had something to do with the network being down, but hey, there’s some good news, too.

This week, Vodafone had a problem: its network went down in patches across the country.

Starting at 11am Sydney time (AEST), the Vodafone network began to fall apart in Western Australia, a fault that Vodafone attributes to a “transmission network failure.”

People took to social networking to complain, and then one by one more customers were affected, with customers from all over the nation gradually dealing with problems on the Vodafone network.

Not all, mind you, but some, and enough for Vodafone and its customers to be concerned by.

The national problems began when Vodafone’s team began to fix the problems in WA, with dropouts occurring across the country across SMS, data, and even the phone networks.

Thankfully, service was restored by 4.10pm for most Vodafone customers, with Western Australian access restored by 6.30pm.

“We know our customers had a less than perfect network experience today and we want them to know we’re sorry,” said Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone on Thursday evening.