WD brings the cloud home, gives you terabytes of personal net-connected storage

You use the cloud already, but you’ve wanted to get at your movies, music, and documents normally on your home network from anywhere. Well now you can.

Western Digital is bringing the power of the cloud into your home with the My Book Live Duo, an external hard drive that couples two drives and a 800Mhz CPU that gives makes it possible to offer speeds faster than regular USB hard drives.

The external drive connects to your network over Gigabit Ethernet and can be hooked into Western Digital’s online system, allowing you to login from anywhere where there’s internet connectivity and see your files. Apps are also available for Android, BlackBerry, and even iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch, making it possible to browse and play files from tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Two operating modes are available with the Duo, able to be run in RAID 1 for data mirroring, making sure one drive mirrors the other, but also halving the entire capacity. Conversely, you can just use both drives for a total storage amount, effectively giving you terabytes of storage.

Storage can even be increased with this model, thanks to a USB port included on the back for plugging in an extra hard drive if necessary.

The My Book Live Duo is available now, with prices at $600 for 4TB and $800 for 6TB. The single-drive edition of this model is available in the My Book Live, a product sporting similar cloud access technology with prices at $169 for 1TB, $269 for 2TB, and $319 for 3TB.