WD ups the backup options for creative professionals, SMB

Making sure your files are always backed up is a big deal, but if you have more files than most and need a bit more than your basic external drive, WD’s latest could deliver the goods.

Especially if those goods need a good 12TB of space, which is the amount a new two-drive My Cloud solution has been built to cater to, with Australia’s arm of Western Digital announcing the My Cloud EX2 Ultra will support that massive amount of space with your vast library of files also available via an app, making it so that only you can get these files.

The drive takes last year’s two-bay interchangeable hard drive model which is similar in design to the My Cloud Mirror we checked out recently, but brings a similarly spec’d 1.3GHz processor and yet more RAM, pushed now to 1GB, which should allow for more streaming and better processing speeds for faster file management.

Files can be handled over two drives striped to support the full extent of space, meaning if you put two 6 terabyte (TB) drives in, the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra will see it as 12TB, which is a lot of room to move. Alternatively, you could RAID it the way mirrored drives commonly work, meaning your files are backed up on two drives the moment a file is written to one.

Whatever you choose, the WD My Cloud app on iOS and Android will talk to the drive from both inside and outside a network, meaning if you forget to bring that presentation with you, grabbing it can happen as fast as your home internet connection speed can send it your way.


“We know our My Cloud users, especially creative professionals, need comprehensive solutions as digital storage needs continue to soar as well as the need for ongoing streaming capability,” said Jim Welsh, Executive Vice President of WD Branded Products.

“With the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, creative professionals are able to combine high performance with multi-tasking optimisation and data protection to create a NAS system that simplifies their workflow and provides peace-of-mind.”

Pricing on the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra starts at $329.99 with no drives and a BYO mentality, which you can certainly do, but if you want it pretty much good to go for your network, you’ll find 4, 8, and 12TB options for $669.99, $949.99, and $1349.99 respectively in computer and electronics stores across Australia.