What dog, cat, pet is that? Google Lens to the rescue

Googl;e Lens

Using Google Lens, Android Animal lovers can now rejoice by taking a photo of their pet (or significant other) to help identify its breed and more.

Google Lens drives the experience. It’s getting better every day. It can help identify

  • Business card: You can save the phone number or address to a contact.
  • Book: You can get reviews and other details about it.
  • Landmark or building: You can get more details about it.
  • Painting in a museum: You can get details about it.
  • A plant or animal: You can learn more about it.
  • A flyer or event billboard:  You can add that event to your calendar.

Google Lens

Google Lens turns paparazzi into puparazzi, or is that Persianerazzi?

I used it recently to identify a yellow flower. Simply take a shot with Google Lens, and it identified the flower and offered dozens of references to plant care. Note: If you use Google Lens then that activity like all searches is recorded in your account.

But wait there is more you can do with Google Lens

Label your pet to easily find photos of them

You can label your pet so that you can search to quickly find photos of them. You can also find photos of that one time you dressed them up for Halloween by searching “Oliver hat” or pictures of them in the park by searching “Oliver park.”

Google LensCreate a movie dedicated to your furry friend

Your pet may have a leading role in your life, but it’s time to show the rest of the world that your animal is a star. If your pet is ready for a big screen debut, open the Google Photos app, go to the Assistant tab, and click on the movie button.

If available, choose the Meow Movie or Doggie Movie option, select your pet, and Google will compile the best photos of your four-legged pal into a movie, set to pet-themed music.